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This is the very first blog of the Geored network for geographic information services. Press F11 to continue.

Friday 27 July 2007

Where are you?

Hi all,, this map is meant to show the location of anybody who wants to join in. You can also upload a small photo, an email address to contact you, and add a comment to your pin on the map. Once you click on somebody´s pin, you can enlarge the photo, just click.


Thursday 26 July 2007

Started the blog

This blog is mostly personal stuff related to spatial information technologies such as gps, gis, internet gis, rs, etc. You´ll find links to related blogs, cool web sites and other assorted things like random videos of places, and hopefully a bit of music and maps.

For general information on the services we are providing, please go to the web page at Geored. See you there!


Coordination is the key element to work together. We can use the web to collaborate and increase our capacity to get things done.

Geored is a network of people who work together to provide spatial data processing services and geographic data analysis.

Do do this, we use the web to contact people who need information about places and locations. Then, we assess their needs, and use spatial information technology to provide the answers.

We specialize in the processing of georeferenced information, by offering information services such as:

  • Spatial database design and creation
  • Data quality assessment
  • Spatial analysis
  • Visualization

We concentrate in the use of databases and geoprocessing software for planning, urban design and water and environmental engineering applications.

Applications of geographic information systems (GIS) also include business geographics, facilities management, real estate, logistics, and many others.

This blog is going to show what we do, and what I personally will do in this network named Geored. I am a civil engineer and graduated in geoinformatics, and I am in charge of building the framework in which I and my friends cooperate to do GIS on the web. I will also post pictures and talk about soccer and music in this blog.

Welcome to the GeoRed.